The Toilet Block Project

Now that we have completed the Mwana Africa Nursery and first Primary School block for standards 1 - 3, we would like to complete the main primary school by building the final block of 5 classrooms. Before we can look at building the new block and increasing the number of students further we first need to ensure that we have the sanitary facilities available to cope with the increased use.

We will build a new block of six toilets to replace the two pit latrines currently at the school. Due to the current lack of running water at the school we will be sticking to the ventilated pit latrine design common in Malawi. Once our water project is complete and we have access to running water at the school we will be looking to further develop to toilets.

Project Aims

  • To improve the current sanitary facilities at Mwana Africa School and Nursery
  • To use a ventilated pit latrine design to reduce the spread of faecal borne diseases
  • To facilitate the further increase in capacity at Mwana Africa School

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