Playground & Outdoor Classroom

In addition to improving physical infrastructure at Mwana Africa school. School Director Caesar Mpata and the Made in Malawi team are continually looking at ways to improve the wider learning environment for the children at the school. 

The school playground is an important place for children to socially interact. When playing with others, children learn appropriate social behaviors, such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting the property of others. We will be continuing to develop our current school playground.

It is important for children to be able to escape from the classroom and learn first hand about the local environment. Our planned outdoor classroom will give the children a low cost and sheltered area to learn about the environment.

Project Aims

  • To improve the current school playground to give the children more space and play equipment
  • To provide a sheltered outdoor area for teaching
  • To increase the teaching capacity of Mwana Africa school
  • To build a cost effective and environmentally friendly structure

The Issues We are Tackling

  • The lack of designated children's Play areas
  • Overcrowding at local primary schools
  • The lack of fixed school buildings which makes teaching in the rainy season impossible
  • Increased demand for places at Mwana Africa school

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