Mwana Africa Primary School - STD 1 - 3

Following the successful completion of the Mwana Africa Nursery School, the amazing support we have received from the local community and everyone that has donated, Made in Malawi are ready to embark on their next project. The first block of the Mwana Africa primary school will consist of three classrooms, each with the capacity for 40 - 50 children and will be located next to the Nursery School building. The new block will take the total capacity of the school up to 180 children, it will create jobs for three new teachers a cleaner and lots of local tradesmen. We aim to have the project completed by December 2011.

Project Aims

  • To improve the access to a quality primary school education for children from the local community
  • To create a clean and safe environment for local learners
  • To reduce overcrowding at local government schools
  • To provide fixed educational buildings so the children can learn all year round
  • To provide the materials and facilities necessary for efficient teaching and learning
  • To provide training to local teachers
  • To provide employment opportunities for local tradesmen and teachers
  • To give orphans and disadvantaged families access to free primary school education and support
  • To expand the capacity of Mwana Africa school to cope with demand from the local community

The Issues We are Tackling

  • Improving the educational opportunities for orphaned and disadvantaged children
  • The lack of teaching resources and learning materials available
  • Overcrowding at the local primary school - Koche
  • The lack of fixed school buildings which makes teaching in the rainy season impossible
  • Poor quality education at local government schools caused by very high student to teacher ratios
  • The lack of trained teachers
  • The scarcity of paid teaching positions

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