Mwana Africa Nursery and Day Care Center

The Amazing Joy Nursery School and day care center based in Chipoka Village provides much needed preschool support for the local community. Despite this the current school buildings are in a state beyond repair. The children are currently being taught in unsafe and insanitary conditions, the teachers are unpaid and in desperate need of vital teaching and learning resources. With your help Made in Malawi would like to build a new Nursery school building and provide the teaching and learning resources required.

Working with Caesar and Martha from Amazing Joy we have approached the Chief of Chipoka village who has granted us permission to build the Nursery school on plot of land close to Caesars house.

Project Aims

  • To improve the learning environment for the children of Amazing Joy Nursery
  • To create a clean and safe environment for early years development
  • To provide the materials and facilities necessary for efficient teaching and learning
  • To provide employment opportunities for local tradesmen and teachers
  • To create a sustainable model that can be replicated on our future projects
  • To give orphans and disadvantaged families access to free preschool education

The Issues We are Tackling

  • The lack of government support for preschool education
  • Unsafe and dilapidated buildings at Amazing Joy Nursery
  • Poor sanitary conditions at Amazing Joy Nursery
  • Improving the educational opportunities for orphaned and disadvantaged children
  • The lack of teaching resources and learning materials available
  • The lack of trained teachers
  • The scarcity of paid teaching positions
  • The unsustainable business model


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