Community Outreach - Rebuild Chipoka

Recent severe flooding had caused massive devastation in Malawi. In Chipoka village (home of Mwana Africa school) many homes have collapsed leaving families without shelter, roads have been rendered impassable and livestock and crops have been washed away. We are trying to raise £1500 to rebuild a number of houses for the disabled, elderly and disadvantaged families within the village. We will be building brick houses in the place of mud brick houses in the hope that these will stand and provide a safe home for these families through many rainy seasons to come. Where a full rebuild is not required we will be helping residents to restrengthen their properties and repairs roofs.

Please donate what you can and view our latest news to keep to date with the project.

Project Aims

  • To provide immediate support and relief to families affected by the flooding
  • To provide alternative shelter for families whose houses have been destroyed
  • To assist in quick repairs of houses to reduce further damage from the rains
  • To assist vulnerable families in rebuilding their houses
  • To build strong brick buildings to reduce the risk of further damage in years to come
  • To encourage social cohesion within the community

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