Lake of Stars Festival improve the facilities at Mwana Africa

Lake of Stars Festival improve the facilities at Mwana Africa

Based on the shores of Lake Malawi, only a short distance from Mwana Africa Primary School and Day Care Center, Lake of Stars Festival promotes Malawian arts and Tourism through international interaction and exposure. Set up in 2003 by UK promoter Will Jameson the festival attracted dozens of people from Europe and hundreds attended from all over Malawi and Southern Africa. It won the Malawi Tourism Award in its first year and has grown to become one of the best known African festivals on the global circuit. The festival is set on the shimmering, palm-fringed shores of Lake Malawi. Malawian and international artists gather for a musical, social and cultural exchange in a festival location like no other. It was while volunteering at Lake of Stars Festival that the Made in Malawi team first met and begun their charitable work in Chipoka Village.

The team behind Lake of Stars have provided support to Mwana Africa and the Made in Malawi team for a number of years, helping with the supply of teaching materials and sporting equipment. This year Lake of Stars are ramping up their support for the charity and local community. Once the festival is complete the wood that has been used to erect stages and bars will be recycled with the help of local carpenters into desks and furniture for the benefit of the children at Mwana Africa School. In addition to this attendees will be asked to bring donations with them, these will include books, teaching materials, art supplies and children's clothing, these donations will be used by the school or will be distributed with the help of Mwana Africa. Attendees will also be invited down to the school to learn a little more about Malawian School Life and the work we are doing to improve this for the children of Chipoka and the surrounding villages.

To learn more about Lake of Stars Festival or for information on how to purchase tickets, please visit their website.

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About Made in Malawi

Made in Malawi is an independent charity registered with the UK Charity Commission that focuses primarily on the Chipoka village of Southern Malawi. 100% of public donations go directly to support Mwana Africa Nursery, Primary School and Day Care Center or Community Outreach Projects in Malawi.

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