The Mpata Family

In 2010 we set out for Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi, to assist with the production and promotion of the event which aims to ‘promote Malawian arts and tourism through international interaction and exposure‘. Whilst there we encountered two truly inspirational characters, Cesar & Martha Mpata, who’s missionary work (with what little money they had) provided the community with support it wouldn’t have received otherwise. Together they funded and ran the ‘Amazing Joy Nursery School’. 

Amazing Joy provided pre-school education for the children of Maldeco and Chipoka village. The school was run from an old dilapidated building in Maldeco village and had very basic homemade teaching resources and materials. The work Martha and Caesar did allowed the parents and families of the children to work, gather their food, perform their daily chores or complete their own education safe in the knowledge that their children were receiving great care. The pair received little to no money for the amazing work they did. We decided to help them realise their dream of being able to improve the educational opportunities available to the local children.


Caesar was born in Zambia in 1975 to his proud parents, Malawian born Sarah and his Zambian born father Mervin. He lived in Zambia with his brother Gift and sister Martha, where his father worked in the mines. Following the passing of his father in 1985 the family returned to Malawi to rebuild their lives. Caesar now works as the Mwana Africa School Director and is supported by his wife, Masala and his four children, Success, Bridget, Sonya and Will. 

The Made in Malawi team stay with Caesar and his family whilst working in Malawi. The welcome we receive and the hospitality from the family is amazing, it is always fun and provides us with a great insight in to the Malawian family life. Masala Mpata prepares food for the children and teachers of Mwana Africa, the Made in Malawi team and the any builders on site. She prepares warm water for our daily showers, ensures we have sufficient purified water as well as clean clothes. 

It was the selfless achievements of Cesar & Martha Mpata that inspired the development of Made in Malawi. And together with the rest of the Mpata family they are the real reason for the success behind our projects. Without this hardworking, trusted and passionate support network within Malawi our projects and ambitions would be unimaginable.